23 Feb 2010

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On 26th Januari 2010 I and my friend went to Bali, I very happened in there because Balis panorama is beautiful,the beach too.In Bali I can saw sunrice and sunset way live travel in Bali need time 24 hour from Kediri East Java by bus and ride ship Ferri in harbour Ketapang

The place very traced for me is beach Kuta.To went beach Kuta we must ride transportation unique ,it names is Komotra.When arrived beach Kuta I go to on played wave and take picture with my friend.After that we to asked photo to tourist domestic.

After long time,we back to bus with ride transportation unique again has ticket price is Rp 3000.Altough we to be crowded out we fixed happened.After look sunset in beach Kuta,we dinner together while enjoyed showed band from our school,we all very happened and after that we back to hotel to rest for next adventure in Bali tomorrow.




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